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You can blame that fat American film producer Harvey Weinstein for it. Since that pig got busted with his sexual escapades, I felt forced to give my female audience their own dedicated section on my porno list. Hey, I don't plan to end up getting branded as a sexist on a MeToo campaign, so all those self-proclaimed feminist bitches, who I thought got off to "femdom" girls banging their sissy boyfriend in the ass with a strapon in an MFM threesome, can finally tame that pussy beast between their legs. (Did you know that most chicks search for rough sex gifs, cuckquean or rape porno vids?)
Anyways, let me explain the difference between "Porn Made For Women" AKA "Porna" and "Regular Pornography". While us men are visual creatures and only need to see an exposed boob or vagina to get in the mood, most females need a lot more to get their pussy wet. This means that adult fantasy content in this section is much more concentrated on a girl's needs, pleasure and her orgasm. You can expect a lot more erotic foreplay, kissing, POV pussy eating, massages, passionate sex on top and the usual sensual romance-love making story-based bullshit between man-woman that ladies dig.
Although I (LUCKILY) didn't encounter such feminine "softcore" videos yet online, I wouldn't be surprised if future scenes on these top websites would contain a storyline with an NSFW plot that shows the hot guys picking up the girls to take them eating out at a fancy restaurant, before going to the movies to end up in bed to probably ending with a great exotic wedding.
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When you feel in the mood to see some hot babes in the best kind of lesbian action, you should definitely visit! Sure, there are tons of lesbian videos on free tube sites, but the videos that this site offers are at least ten times hotter and all of them are HD! You’ll be able to find all of your favorite pornstars having sensual as well as hardcore lesbian sex.
All you need to do to get access is become a member by registering. There are tons of videos as well as photo galleries to browse through. The site model index has over 500 stupidly hot girls including Allie Haze, Janice Griffith, Whitney Westgate and many more. The bestlistofporn is amazed by the quality of the videos and we recommend you take a look as soon as possible.
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Every now and then, we all get tired of watching hot babes being penetrated by hard shafts, and instead, we want to enjoy some passionate girl on girl action. If you visit, you will find a large collection of amazing lesbian sex videos.
All of the videos are completely professional, and you will see some of your favorite pornstars in them. The videos come in the amazing full HD quality, however, you can only access these videos if you subscribe for a membership.
The membership can be gained by paying for a subscription that comes in different options. The first one is a 3-day trial membership which will cost you only $2.95, but there are also monthly memberships which will save you money the bigger package you purchase. The best deal is the 12-month membership which will cost you $119.40 in a single payment.
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ArtsErotica is one of the best adult sites for women with tons of videos from well-known studios with famous pornstars
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When girlfriends say that their best friend is coming over for a sleepover, we all imagine that they are being naughty with each other, and even if that is not the case, is here to make our fantasy scenarios a reality. On this website, you will find a nice collection of girl on girl videos with hot babes who really enjoy each other’s bodies while they are all by themselves.
You can find a lot of videos in full HD quality, but you can also find a bunch of high-quality pictures of hot models fooling around with each other. The videos do not have individual trailers, but you will be able to see one on the homepage, which will give you a good enough of a picture that will make you purchase a membership if you are into girl on girl porn.
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Frolic Me is one of the best adult sites for women where you can find exciting categories dedicated to erotic films
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Historically speaking, porn has been made primarily for men. The overwhelming majority of porn focuses on scenarios, fantasies, and styles of fucking that men would like. In fact, that’s been one of the biggest criticisms of pornography since its inception—that it is all just a bunch of wildly unrealistic shit dreamt up by men for men, and that no woman could ever possibly enjoy many of the positions, situations, and things like sucking a dick right after it’s been in an asshole.
And, let’s be completely honest with ourselves for a moment, there is some credence to that claim, don’t you think? Think about it. How would you like to taste your own (or someone else’s, for that matter) asshole on someone’s cock as he fucks your throat with the shit-smelling thing? Okay, maybe I have underestimated your freakiness. Maybe that is exactly what you’re into. If so, you’re probably best off just downloading Grindr and getting throat fucked in a bathroom stall at Chipotle on your lunch break. Hey, no judgment here.
In response to this criticism of the porn industry, however, there has been an uptick in the amount of porn that is made for (and, in some cases, by) women. You may have seen female POV videos online, or more realistic lesbian scenes popping up here and there. These are both examples of what I’m talking about. Real lesbians don’t, for example, actually scissor. Do you know how pussies work? There’s no way that violently smashing lady bits together could ever be pleasurable for either party.
Sometimes called sex-positive porn, women’s porn is becoming increasingly popular these days. We are seeing more and more female porn directors, producers, and agents in the industry. We are also seeing more and more videos in which women aren’t merely featured as an object to fulfill a man’s lust. Women’s porn features ladies who are much more active, dominant, and committing sex acts on camera that actually help them to cum (and not just fake it for men to jack off to).
You might be surprised to hear this, but I am actually all for sex-positive porn. That’s not to say I don’t still enjoy the hardcore shit I’ve always liked, but I’m all for women receiving pleasure just as much as I do. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be. Isn’t it one of the main goals of fucking, at the end of the day, to make your woman cum? Why wouldn’t you be down with porn that reflects that?
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Man, honestly, who doesn't like lesbian porn? Like, even the most straight girls out there find it to be very appealing. some of these girls are so pretty that even square straight girls drool over them! I'm pretty sure that I've read up on a statistic somewhere that the most watched genre of porn when it comes to the female audience is actually Lesbian porn. Oh, I agree! I SO agree.
I mean, two members of the prettier sex? It's obvious that such a thing would get attention. So, what's a cool place to get that kind of pornography? Obviously,, duh! On Lesbian Porn Videos most of these videos seem high-budget, and the best thing of all, these videos are actually legit. Like, you've probably seen a page like this that's made only to get traffic, that preys on clicks from unsuspecting people who don't know better, but, too legit to quit homie.
Some of these websites like to make you click on one of the video thumbnails, and then you get spammed with a bunch of ads. However, that's not the case with Now, let's take a brief look at the page and talk about the most important things in here. First off, the design of the page is quite "girly," which is to be expected, I mean, the page is all about lesbians, so it kinda makes sense. The pink color really suits the thematic of the page and I must say, it made me feel warm inside so much so that I wanted to snuggle with my girl. It felt so wrong, yet so right.
First off, the Videos tab is the one I've mentioned a few times up until now without actually naming it. You know, with the thumbnails and all that stuff. Now, here you get to see the most popular videos and all that jazz. Now, there are a few more options here so you can improve your browsing experience. First off, if you want to see HD videos only, then you have a neat little button right next to the Groups tab, and if you click on it, you get to see nothing but HD videos. However, if you pick the "all" button, then you get to see a bunch of videos posted in various qualities. I mean, what would you expect?
Now, you can also choose the duration of the videos you get to see on the page. However, all the videos are sorted into three categories, taking their length into consideration. So, some are short, some are medium, and some are long. Short ones are under five minutes, medium ones last between five to ten minutes, while long ones are longer than ten minutes. Underneath each of the videos on the home page you can see the rating of the video, and you can see the views and obviously, the duration of the videos, and as you can clearly see, the most popular videos are all medium-length videos, so I recommend checking that category out.
Furthermore, if you are not in the mood for videos and all that, you can check out the Pics tab where all kinds of girls can be found, doing all kinds of stuff. Licking nipples, eating pussy, squeezing butts and tits and all that. It's all in here, and all of these pictures can be seen for free, and they can also be downloaded if you want to keep them for later, rather than loading the page whenever you want to see cute lesbians.
The next tab that has to be mentioned is the Pornstars tab, and here is where you will find all of your favorite girls, as you probably expected. Like, you'll get to see Cherie Deville, Riley Reid, Dani Daniels and so on. Plenty of these girls usually do straight porn most of the time, but a big percentage of these actually started their careers doing girl-on-girl porn, so it's obvious that there is plenty of lesbian action for you to see in here. Furthermore, you may also create an account on this page, if you want to. If you make an account, and the process is completely free, you get to download videos to your computer, pop-up ads are removed, and you may upload your own videos and pics. Furthermore, you can create your own playlists. The account creation process is quite simple, all you need to do is to pick a username and to give the page your e-mail address. And obviously, you'll have to assign a password to the account you're making.
The browsing experience on this page is quite pleasant, and I'll be dead honest: I love me some lesbian porn. So, I love this page for that exact reason. The icing on the cake is the wonderful design of the page which makes the experience even better. It has a lot of HD videos posted on it, they're not short, and they are all legit. No strings attached, you don't even have to pay up. What's not to love?
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Finally a great adult website for women; erotic stories, exclusive pics and porn videos divided for interesting categories
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